Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Julian Assange. Ecuadorian Embassy speech. Matthew Chattle Photography

©Matthew Chattle Photojournalism

Julian Assange at the pulpit, sorry balcony talking to his followers [the press that is and his supporters] at the Ecuador Embassy in Knightsbridge. The press did outnumber his supporters, followed a close second by the police. 

David Cameron, Boris Johnson. London Paralympic cauldron lighting ceremony. Matthew Chattle Photography

©Matthew Chattle Photojournalism
Prime Minister David Cameron enjoys a joke at his expense by Lord Coe [out of shot] at the Paralympic cauldron lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square. Boris Johnson is sort of smiling and Jeremy Hunt is, well.....Jeremy Hunt. An uneasy set of characters but they all enjoyed the quite moving ceremony as Claire Lomas lit the cauldron.

©Matthew Chattle Photojournalism
Here Lord Coe looks like he's said something he regrets and looks quite informal compared to the suits.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

London Metropolitan University, outsource services to private firm. Matthew Chattle Photography

Those nice people at The Guardian have used one of my pictures of the quite grotty London Metropolitan University buildings at Whitechapel in East London, on the Guardian website. The University is going part private and outsourcing many services. Hopefully security won't be handled by G4S.

London Metropolitan University-Guardian Website

The Ultimate Guitar Book, Dorling Kindersley. Matthew Chattle Photography

In what seems like a million years ago [twenty actually] when I was working for book packagers and publishers, I worked on the 'The Ultimate Guitar Book' published by Dorling Kindersley. I did about 80% of the photographs in the book and travelled all over the country photographing guitars of all shapes and sizes. I met a few rock legends along the way, John Entwistle [The Who], Steve Howe [Yes] and Ian Anderson [Jethro Tull] to name a few.

This was an unused section break, we did black and white shots but the publishers changed their minds and I re-shot close-ups of different guitars.
For each section there was an 'exploded' view of a guitar in bits, this was a beautiful hand made work of art.

The Ultimate Guitar Book

Saturday, 4 August 2012

London 2012 Olympics. Matthew Chattle Photography. Olympics sponsors.

©Matthew Chattle Photojournalism
©Matthew Chattle Photojournalism
The London 2012 Olympics are obviously heavily sponsored, they couldn't exist without them. Some people are very wound up by all this and there is plenty to be sceptical about. Some contrasts with the two pictures included in this post. And no I didn't set up the coke can, as a street/news/photojournalist I wouldn't do that [if I had I would have turned the can around]. But a nice juxtaposition between the Coca Cola can and the BMW official Olympics vehicle speeding down a 'Zil Lane' [another sponsor of the Olympics].
Nike by contrast aren't sponsors of the London Olympics, but that hasn't stopped them from finding an angle during the games to get some serious advertising space.



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