Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Links to my work recently seen on the web

Those nice people at the Guardian used one of my pictures for Charlie Brookers column about the annoying 'Keep Calm' pastiches everywhere. I'd been interested in these and I'd found some amusing varients, but enough' keep calm' please.
Those nice people at The Daily Telegraph hused one of mine for an article about plums for sale on the high street. That one was taken on Oxford street and very nice it looks too.

Daily Telegraph again with an article about Private Eye and the V&A exhibition, my picture but no byline.

Alamy stock and news

I am constantly updating the Alamy stock work and I regularly add to the Live News feed. last weekend I photographed the PIP breast implant protest on Harley Street. I'll post some pictures soon. And I will be updating this more often, promise