Sunday, 6 November 2011

Miss World Protest Earls Court 2011. Jarrow March 2011 march against youth unemployment, youth fight for jobs

Feminists protest against the Miss World event at Earls court today. A good natured group chanted and sang against the event that seems anachronistic even though it was only the news of their protest that made me aware that Miss World was still happening. Pictures for sale on the Alamy Live News feed now!

Yesterday I photographed the Jarrow marchers arrived in Trafalgar Square after marching from Jarrow to London in a march to highlight youth unemployment. Pictures on the Alamy Live News feed now!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Matthew Chattle Photography

Matthew Chattle Photography blog will occasionally have examples of current work. I'm a photographer with over twenty years of experience from studio work for book packagers and publishers, experimental photo-illustration and more recently, stock photography for Alamy.
I am now producing a lot of photo-journalism and I regularly contribute to the Alamy Live News feed. I live and work in London and there's always something happening and I photograph it when I can. From the protest marches to UKuncut activities and the Royal Wedding I'm usually out there. I recently photographed Strictly Come Dancing's Alex Jones and James Jordan hanging by a thread from a 69ft high structure in Trafalgar Square to promote tourism to Austria [and Vienna in particular]. Alex looked terrified and I don't blame her.