Saturday, 14 December 2013

iPhones and the death of Photography.

Great article in the Guardian. about the rapid advances in photographic technology, namely the iPhone (and other similar products presumably). It seems there are conflicting views on the influence and benefits/ drawbacks of these new ways of making images.
As a photographer I am also a bit confused by all of this. Photography used to be a more technical and difficult business. Simply getting a well exposed, focussed, processed and developed picture required quite a few and varied skills. Now, well let's face it, it is perfectly possible to produce a well exposed, focussed, processed etc picture, without the photographer having any skills whatsoever. I've seen it happen. So called 'photographers' can spend a £1000 or less and call themselves a 'photographer' and barely know what ISO is or does, have no clue about exposure and make a living.
iPhones simply introduce another level of skills redundancy.
Yes we're all photographers now.
And don't get me talking about something called instagram.

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